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Case studies

Retail and exhibition

Client name

Selfridges Co.

Project name

Project Ocean



Service / discipline

Retail and exhibition

Processes and technology


We were asked to build a series of different models for the ‘Project Ocean’ window displays at Selfridge’s. Project Ocean aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the sea and highlight the dangers of over-fishing and polluting.  The window displays included a swimming panda, the prow of a galleon and five sea horses on a carousel.


Working from a computer generated visual of each window; we initially had to work out the necessary dimensions of each model, the right materials to use and the structure, bearing in mind that the access to each window is extremely limited and thus anything bigger than a standard door needs to able to be dismantled.  We sourced materials and props from as far and wide as China, the USA, South Africa, and Indonesia. We sculpted a master and made a fiberglass tool for a large scale sea horse enabling us to reproduce another five in a cost effective manner.  We then attached the sea horses to a mechanism our bespoke mechanism to give the effect of a moving carousel.  We also constructed a life-size swimming panda from scratch, to the point of detailing the individual claws.  We also carried out the installation at the store.  To contribute to the environmental ethos of Project Ocean we were only permitted eco-friendly materials, and when the window displays finished, the props were re-located to Glastonbury and London Zoo.

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